Welcome to Passerelle

Gateway to curated, in-depth cultural events and experiences in Japan

The inspiration comes from the ladder used by passengers of a ship docking at a new destination.

Passerelle, the French appellation for a gangway, or a footbridge more generally, carries images of slenderness and suppleness. Light and air flow freely through its structure. It is light enough to float with imagination, yet strong enough to bear the weight of contemplation. In the field of communication, Passerelle stands for  “gateway” or “connector”. かけ橋 would be the appropriate Japanese translation.

Passerelle is about enabling two otherwise separated worlds to discover, experience & understand each other.

We curate inspiring custom-made cultural experiences in Japan. They can take the form of an educative demonstration by a master, artist or artisan, an active workshop, a tasting or a dinner event with an insider,  a travel plan or a pilgrimage, a team building activity, the logistics of a training seminar…

Typical themes include tradition and innovation in the Japanese culture and arts, craftsmanship, sake and gastronomy, omotenashi … Sometimes, we address more mundane business related themes such as trends in the local market, or the French culture takes the center stage, with a Japanese twist, for a Japanese audience.

We strive to combine the efficacy & authenticity of a down-to-earth Japanese wooden bridge, with the imagination & power to surprise of a suspended elegant French passerelle.